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Practicing Spiritual Disciplines pt.1

Posted on November 2, 2015 at 6:00 PM

My spiritual disciplines are, Prayer, Worship, and Evangelism, and how I practice these disciplines, to me is an intense workout to keep them balanced and consistent. As leader in my church, one of my responsibilities is teaching the New Members Discipleship class, and my icebreaker is to introduce prayer into the lives of the new member. I would ask the students if they have a problem with praying in a public setting, then I would charge them to start a prayer relationship by daily conversing with the Father, I would guide them to start off praying for five minuets a day, this way they could build a consistent prayer life, that is one of my ways practicing my discipline of prayer. I have always been a worshipper, it helps that I am a musician. Music for me is an art and an attitude and to worship God is a lifestyle. As a worship leader I am constantly practicing and sharpening my skills trying to find ways to minister to God with the highest praise, and exhortation. Evangelism is a different story for me, prayer and worship includes more of a one on one relationship, or interaction with God, evangelism means following the call of discipleship, as Jesus commanded his disciples, they were told to go out to reach the masses. It takes great courage and a heart for the people, minister outside the church walls. The discipline of evangelism is something I am going to really have to work on, to be successful in this I must prepare for rejection, and be ready the answer the right questions, the discipline of evangelism for me will take much practice.

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