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God can refresh

Posted on January 30, 2016 at 9:45 PM

He refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths, for his name’s sake. The peace of God refreshes me deep down in my soul, deeper than any relationship could ever do, unlike man God will surly guide down the right path as I trust in him I become closer to God and all of my decision will be godly ones, with a closer relationship with God he will claim me as his own as his namesake, which means son ship. Jesus had a remarkably tender heart, he is the shepherd whom the flock should follow, as his is the most wonderful example of ardor, vigor, and strength of love. The text covers the facts that the growing condition in the church today is the lack of majesty, and it is growing worse every day. A.W. Tozer over exaggerates the greatness and the majesty of God, in a way that one could almost visualize the process of creation as God was actually constructing creation. You must have the heart of God to see Gods heart, so I think Tozer’s central theses was to allow the reader to see the heart of God, and for the reader to see how God want to speak truth into our lives. This thesis can apply to our lives for sake of our own spiritual formation, by showing us to be teachable “as mentioned in our video presentation” one instructor said, “being teachable allows us to understand Gods word and his purpose for our lives”. When I think of spiritual formation I think of Godly order, and as I realize that Gods truth is always right and always what’s best, I realize that I will be walking in Gods favor, as mentioned in the video presentation “God’s favor covers those who are obedient to his word”.

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