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What is Hermeneutics

Posted on May 14, 2016 at 6:25 PM

Hermeneutics, defined is the art and science of interpretation of scripture.” To understand the word of God we must be able to put it out in truth to Gods people. We must properly interpret the word of God. Fee mentions that preachers tend to dig first and look later. I can see this form of preaching that tend to cover up a lot of biblical truths just to please the crowd. A lack of true interpretation can be misleading to truth seekers, but good enough for those who attend church for entertainment purposes. According to Fee “The first reason one needs to learn to interpret is that, whether one likes it or not, every reader is an interpreter.” The modern approach to hermeneutics are in the form of several tools. 1. A personal bible study, helps to create a relationship with us and our need to learn more of the word of God. 2. Scholarly approach to the bible, which requires forms of criticism, textual criticism that draws us close as possible to the originality of the bible. Historical criticism that asks the question, who, what, when, where. Source criticism looks for the source of the biblical document, form criticism looks for what kind of document, reaction criticism ask for what was the purpose of the writer, and finally the literary criticism looks for the text as the unit.

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