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The Value of Prayer in the life of a Believer

Posted on September 18, 2016 at 8:25 PM

To be steadfast in prayer, as a spiritual leader it is vital that the ones we lead see us in a continuous prayer mode, we must lead by example, if we are preaching pray always with prayer and supplication we as leaders must be seen praying always. Watching therein with thanksgiving, means to me that even when my prayers are not answered right away to be grateful unto God with thanksgiving for all that he has blessed us with. The statement Dr. Early made, that prayer saves time “I’m too busy not to pray.” I can affirm that statement with a testimony of my youth bible study class, we were in session and I had given them an assignment to do the week before and they didn’t complete it, not that it was complicated but they all replied they didn’t have the time, “you know with all we have to do during the summer and all” one excuse was. So I replied to all of the excuses with God in control of all your time, God spends 100% of his time on you and you can’t give him 15 min. and because of that you lost an entire day by not giving God any of his time, I left them in a deep thought because some of them had suffered great loss and continue to petition for prayers of the church.

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